Odisha, “India’s Best Kept Secret” has a distinct draw because of its untouched beaches, magnanimous ancient Kalingan architecture, divine spiritual experiences and fantastic ecotourism.

But now, Odisha will be known as the best Glamping Destination of India.

Glamping in Odisha @Ecoretreat 2020, will bring you the best of the worldly pleasures, in the best of settings in the lap of nature, in the biodiverse state of Odisha!

With Ecoretreat Odisha 2020, Odisha tourism brings Luxury camps, offering 5 star facilities while under a million star sky enjoying raw nature!

You have waited too long, been locked up and distressed…

Let the Travel bug bite you and explore “Odisha by Road “ and revel in unmatched luxury Camping or glamping (glamour camping) experiences, with the best in accommodation, food & drinks, adrenaline pumping activities and immersive cultural experiences and tours, all rolled in one and all in the unexplored pristine offerings of mother nature in Odisha.

The campsites are set in many picturesque locations showcasing Odisha’s natural bounty on natural sand bars, virgin beaches, mangrove forests and hill stations.

One such Eco Retreat glamour camping site is at the Satkosia sandbanks, on the banks of the Mahanadi Gorge, a site so idyllic, you will feel like you walked into a postcard! Eco Retreat Satkosia at Baliput is a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers and those who seek solitude. Located on the foothills of majestic mountains facing the Satkosia Gorge where the magnificent Mahanadi meanders through the golden sand bars. The tranquility is intermittently abrupted by the chirping of the birds and the occasional alarm calls, which makes you realize you are close to a reserve forest.

Eco Retreat - Odisha Tourism
Eco Retreat - Odisha Tourism