Odisha is a favourite destination for adventure travellers. It rewards those who prefer to stray off the usual path with an intricate patchwork of archaeological wonders, fascinating culture, wildlife sanctuaries, sun and sand.

This year, when social distancing has become a way of life; exploring wilderness entices you and your loved ones. So pack your bags, get into your car to explore 'Odisha by Road' and indulge in natural bounty with Ecoretreat Odisha 2020 from Odisha Tourism. It offers Glamping (Glamour+ Camping), where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Ecoretreat Odisha 2020 is an authentic way to connect with nature and offers you experiential travellers' experience. It will enrich your life and leave an impression that will last longer than the journey.

Odisha Tourism has installed numerous eco-friendly yet luxurious camps in various national parks in the state. Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary is one of the most talked about national parks in the state. It is surrounded by lush mangrove forest, vast wetlands and the estuaries of three rivers flowing into the Bay of Bengal. The park is the second-largest mangrove ecosystem in the country after Sundarbans. Which is why it is called "Mini Amazon" in India. The creeks of the national park have the largest number of saltwater crocodiles. The park has a distinction of being the country's lone habitation corridor for Albino Estuarine crocodiles, a rare and endangered species of white crocodiles. It is home to spotted deers, wild pigs, and a wide variety of migratory birds. More than 10 variety of Herons prefer to nestle here apart from Asian Open Bill, Black Ibis, Cormorants and more.

The River Brahmani and Kharasrota meet at Nalitapatia in Bhitarkanika national park; making the site spellbinding and ideal for Glamping sites. Other luxury camping sites include Dangamal, Habalikhashi, Gupti nature camps in this sanctuary.

Eco Retreat - Odisha Tourism
Eco Retreat - Odisha Tourism