Garhimata National Park / Sea Beach

Your search for that perfect romantic spot ends here. The beautiful Garhimata Beach is the perfect destination for the couples and honeymooners searching for notable places to visit in & around Bhitarkanika. The beach becomes further thrilling between the months of January and March when the Olive Ridley Turtles which has been visiting the beach for ages, come to lay their eggs. It has now been declared as a national park to save these endangered species.

Bagagahan and Matha-Adia

Bagagahan heronry located in the sanctum sanctorum of the Bhitarkanika National Park is one of Asia’s largest and oldest mixed-species heronry in dense mangroves. Matha-Adia heronry located at an aerial distance of 800 m on the south of Bagagahan heronry is the newest heronry formed in 2012. Bhitarkanika National Park is located on the estuary of The Brahmani and the Baitarani river in the Indian state Odisha. These two heronries come to action on the advent of monsoon and thousands of waterbirds of different bird species nest together and raise their chicks until they fly.

Jagannath Temple
Shooting Tower

Bhitarkanika was once the hunting ground for the Zamindar family of Raj Kanika. The tower is the erstwhile shooting location for the hunters of the family.

Crocodile Breeding Centre

In 1974, the ministry of Environment and Forests, in collaboration with UNDP, had started a crocodile hatchery and rearing project in Dangmal within the Bhitarkanika National Park. One can meet the India’s only captive Saltwater While Crocodiles Gori and Malli here.

Shiva Temple

The ancient Shiva Temple near Bhitarkanika has been the place of attraction for visitors form long. It has now been renovated which has enhanced the beauty of this ancient monument.

Ramsar Site

The area has also been designated as the second Ramsar site (i.e.Wetland of International importance) of the State during August,2002. It is a unique area with rich biodiversity as it covers differentecosystems such as the landmass, tidal waterbodies of the deltaicregion, estuaries and territorial waters of the Bay of Bengal alongwith their associated flora and fauna

Kanika King Palace and Museum

The Kanika Museum at Rajkanika here is indeed an asset to the State highlighting rich legacy of culture and tradition. More than 5,000 artefacts have been displayed in 12 sections in the museum. It was set up in the 102-year-old two-storey Kanika palace in 1960s by the royal family to display hundreds of antiquities, wildlife trophies, mirrors, paintings, rare photographs, arms and other antique items. The Kanika palace covers an area of 300 acres and all imperial treasures from the palace have been displayed for public. Art works in the museum include rare paintings, pottery, bronze wares, inscribed wares, toys, clocks and court documents. The 99-centimeter-long skull of a salt-water crocodile displayed in the museum is the world’s largest skull of the crocodile.

Eco Retreat - Odisha Tourism
Eco Retreat - Odisha Tourism